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Aegis Resource Management’s Industrial Services Group does not specialize in any one specific area, but provides a wide range of facility maintenance services. When you have a project that is outside of your routine maintenance, or you are not comfortable having your people do it, Aegis Resource Management can help.

Below are some examples of some of the unique projects we have completed. Our capabilities are not limited to what you see here but this list will give you an idea of the variety of services we can provide.

  • Aegis Resource Management’s first river clean-up project was to find and retrieve chemical containers (2 ton cylinders, totes and drums) that were washed out of a chemical manufacturer and into a local waterway. We found and recovered over 200 containers, from Middletown PA all the way down to the mouth of the Potomac River! Needless to say, there is no manual that tells you how to remove a 2000 LB cylinder that is stuck 20 feet up a tree in the middle of a river island!
  • Aegis Resource Management uses its river fleet to clean brush and debris from the dams and water intake areas of utility plants on the river, in addition to being a resource in the event of a river spill.
  • We have built both large and small scale custom Oil Water Separator systems.
  • Aegis Resource Management designed and built a custom perchloroethylene vapor extraction system to remove gas vapors from a strip mall that found itself with an air quality problem.
  • We have cleaned both large and small sediment collection ponds. Prior to our involvement it was taking our client 10 days to do a single pond. We utilized a unique approach using farm equipment instead of trying to “dry and ship” the material. By changing the approach, we were able to do 3 ponds in less time than it took the former service provider to do 1…and we were able to reduce the overall cost of the project by 30%!
  • Aegis Resource Management worked with a large soap manufacturer who was relocating, to pack and ship all of their waste materials as well as to clean the process areas prior to sale. This plant had been in service for almost 100 years and had everything from oils and glycols to tanks of oleum. We cleaned and prepared over 200 ASTs ranging from 500 gallons to 50,000 gallons so that the facility could be dismantled and torn down.
  • We have even painted a 50,000-gallon fuel oil tank!

In summary, when you have a unique challenge – Aegis Resource Management is the group to call.

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