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Glossary of Terms

Aegis Aegis is shield in Latin. Also a group of conscientious people who strive to provide the best service possible.
Acid Material that has a pH less than 2.5. Is “red” on pH paper.
Base / Caustic Material that has a pH > 12.5. Is “blue” on pH paper.
Bulk Container Containers ranging from 5 gallon pails thru 330 gallon totes. 5 Gallon pails and smaller can be lab packed.
Bulk Waste Materials which are not containerized in drums or smaller containers. Typically these are materials shipped in tankers or roll-offs.
Characteristic Code Waste code that can physically be tested for. Such as D001 (Flammability), D002 (Corrosivity) D003 (Reactivity).
DOT Regulated Department of Transportaion. Many materials are regulated under DOT that are not regulated under RCRA. An example of this is a corrosive solid.
DWW Dangerous When Wet (4.3)
ER Emergency Response
Flash point Method to determine the flammable properties of a material. Materials that have a flash point
Hazardous Waste Material regulated under RCRA guidelines (F,U,K,D) listed.
Lab Pack Small containers (5 gallons and less) that are segregated and packaged into a larger outer container. Lab Packs require an inventory sheet specifying what is packed into the container and must be segregated according to RCRA, DOT & facility requirements.
LTL Less Than Truck Load – Typically loads that are less than 20 drum spaces.
Neutral Material that pH’s greater than 3 but less than 12.
Non-RCRA Not Regulated by RCRA – Material does not have any waste codes and is considered non-hazardous.
Over-Pack Container used to contain a leaking smaller container. Example a leaking 55 gallon drum is “Over-Packed” into an 85 gallon drum.
Paint Filter Test Test used to determine if a material is a liquid or solid.
PCB Polychlorinatedbiphenyl
PIH Poison Inhalation Hazard
PLC Pack Lab Chemicals (Lab Pack)
Poison Pack DOT exempt package used for shipping poison inhalation hazards and cyanides so they can be shipped with other waste materials.
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
Process Waste Codes Waste codes that are applied to a specific process that cannot be analytically verified such as plating wastes F006.
Rad Waste Radio Active Materials
RCRA Resource Conservation Recovery Act
Reactive Waste Materials that are normally unstable and undergo violent chemical change without detonating, can react violently with water to form potentially explosive mixtures.
Roll-Off 20 to 30 yard metal container used for hauling bulk solids.
Tanker Truck 3500 to 5500 gallon truck for hauling bulk liquids.
TSCA Toxic Substance Control Act – These are materials like asbestos and PCBs.
Universal Waste Materials that are non-regulated if they are recycled. These are fluorescent lamps and bulbs, batteries & ballasts.
Unknown Waste Material that is not labeled or Identified.