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Lighting is the easiest way to improve the looks, improve the functionality, and save money in a facility. If you have not updated your lighting system in the last few years, I can guarantee you that we can save you money while making your facility brighter.

Our goal is to provide as much light as possible, while using as little electricity as possible. Ideally we prefer to retrofit the existing fixtures instead of replacing them. Aegis utilizes a Return On Investment (ROI) based approach when we do a project. Typically, we can reduce the total wattage used by 50 to 80%, with an ROI in as little as 4 months! The savings are based on the hours of operation and the current system in place.

Aegis can do a walk through, and by looking at the existing system and your hours of operation, we can easily provide an accurate ROI to help determine the most efficient way to improve your facility’s lighting systems. Unlike other system improvements that use vague and hard to understand variables to determine the ROI, lighting is very analytical. You can easily determine the wattage each light uses and what its equivalent will use. With this information and your hours of operation, we can easily figure out exactly how much money you will save while increasing the quantity and quality of your facilities lighting.

Aegis typically breaks a facility into three distinct areas: Interior, Warehouse and Exterior.
For Interior fixtures we are usually able to retrofit the existing fixture with either an engineered reflector which allows us to reduce the number of lamps by half, or with the introduction of LED lamps. Over the last couple of years LED lamps (both tubes and panels) have dominated the lighting world, and Aegis is proud to have a full line of both driver and direct drive fixtures.

Warehouse areas that have High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures can save huge amounts of energy by replacing them with either LED’s or T-5 fixtures. Both are substantially better than HID’s and will save a ton of money, while greatly improving the functionality of a warehouse space.

Exterior Pole lights and wall packs are replaced with LED fixtures. We have a full line of fixtures to match current housings or you can choose a different look altogether. As with the warehouse lights replacing HID’s with LED’s will provide you with much better light quality and duration, while reducing electric consumption by 60-80%.

For greater depth of information on our lighting products and services please click here www.aegislighting.com

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