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Unknown Wastes

Aegis Resource Management recognizes the difference between an “unknown” waste and an I am not “100% sure” waste. With our years of experience, we are typically able to identify or classify a material so it can be properly packaged and disposed of at a fraction of the price other companies charge for “unknowns”

When you run into containers that are not properly labeled or potentially “unknown” Aegis Resource Management can perform field screenings and determine enough about the material in question to safely identify and classify the material.

The way to identify an “unknown” waste is not doing analytical. Analytical can determine what you do NOT have, not what you DO have. Before you pay $1,200.00 or more to find out what you do not have PLEASE give us a call. “Unknowns” can be complicated and present unique hazards BUT it should not be a scary experience to clean out your facility.